REAL photos are back: Timeshel

**DISCLAIMER** I am in no way associated nor am I getting paid to share this information. I simply think it is a brilliant move in the midst of our modern-techy world.

“These are our stories and they are worth remembering and a service like Timeshel helps us shape and exercise that belief. We’re finding out that people who use the service experience a subtle but important shift in the way that they take their photos and the moments they choose to capture knowing that photo is going to live on in real life as a print – which is really exciting.” Phil Anema, co-founder of Timeshel


If you have followed me for any given amount of time you have probably heard me say a time or two how much I am a fan of REAL PHOTOS. Real, tangible, send-to-the-lab photos. It’s a lost art. And I understand some of you, I’m speaking to the younger generation (excuse me while I sip my tea and count my grays), probably have never even had a photo that they’ve taken be truly printed.

This is one of my many reasons of switching to film. I believe we take way too many photos, and at the same time have very little to account for those memories. One of my favorite things to do at my grandparents house is to take out their *MANY* photo albums and brush through all of the memories that are kept inside. I think about my grandkids coming to our house and us not having anything left to represent these years. Whether they will be all lost due to a mechanical error, or maybe I misplaced an external hard drive that they were all on, who knows. But, the likely-hood of me having a nice and organized capsule of time for others to look back on is very unlikely with these digital files. Printed photographs will outlast the digital file.

Last March my husband and I had visited one of my best friend’s in New York. She introduced us to Phil, one of the founders of Timeshel, while we were at dinner one night. He mentioned this business endeavor him and a friend were pursuing and I was immediately sold.

This past March was my first order with Timeshel and I really am impressed with how these guys put it all together. ┬áThe app is amazingly simple, AND I have set a reminder to pick my favorite 30 photos from the month just before the month is over. Once the month is over the photos I picked AUTOMATICALLY get sent to the lab. I don’t have to push “send”, I don’t have to do a thing. Which is why I haven’t printed my personal everyday photos in years…….I just don’t have the time. Sad, I know. This has taken all of the thinking off my plate.

Last night my husband came home with our mail (because us mountain people don’t get mailed delivered to our house), and I was thrilled to see our first Timeshel package in his arms. It was kind of like the feeling you got every time you went to the lab to pick up your photos, remember? Except you know which photos you are getting. The kids LOVED seeing the photos of themselves too.

Here is what we received last night, and it is proudly being displayed on our coffee table!

REAL PHOTOS! 30 photos that represent our month of March. What a beautiful thing to think about….if you get 30 photos a month, that’s 360 photos a year. That is more than enough to tell your story every year.


From the creators of Timeshel…….
The initial concept was born out of my experience as a photographer. Last year while on the job I witnessed a mother’s friend taking an iPhone portrait of the mother’s child. When finished, they ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the photo while starting at the iPhone screen and it struck me that they will never print that photo, and thats just kinda sad. I began ruminating how excellent mobile photography is becoming (and will become!) and came to the conclusion that the point and shoot camera as we used to know it is dead. Its been replaced by our phones and is now connected to the internet all the time – This is a really exciting time for photography.
In addition to this, both personally and culturally we sense a lot of digital fatigue and a desire to return to physical, tangible experiences. So often we run through this reoccurring cycle of adopting & disposing pure tech experiences – here was an opportunity to bring both of those worlds together in a meaningful way and (hopefully) re-inspire people to connect with a lost cultural artifact: the personal printed photograph. I know that when I’m 65 years old with grand kids someday, I don’t want to pass down a device full of digital photos, I want to pass down a lifetime of prints because they hold a unique value no digital asset will ever be able to encroach upon.
Thus timeshel was born. Everyone else we found in the print from mobile space were trying to cram a traditional web // e-commerce experience into the mobile experience – we wanted to create a different experience and ended up with an on-the-fly selection process that made getting prints virtually automatic. We didn’t want to just print photos occasionally for people, we wanted to create an ongoing experience that helped document and preserve life stories – which is how we landed on the subscription model.
Finally, we wondered why delivery of photos couldn’t be more than just delivery. Why couldn’t packaging the photos be fun, beautiful, and useful to our customers? So we made the shel. The shel protects, stores, and organizes your story chronologically over time.
**You can find Timeshel in the App Store. The app controls everything for you, all you need to do is add your favorites photos. For $14.95 your photos are printed and sent to you every month. Try it out. I highly recommend it ;).**
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