10 Reasons To Should Book Your Senior Portraits In The Summer

Now that the Class of 2016 has officially closed out their Junior year, it’s time to start thinking about their Senior year. One of the many things that needs to be accomplished is your Senior Photo. One of the most common questions I get is, “When should I get my Senior Photos taken?”. I almost always reply with “SUMMER!!”. There are a handful of reasons why I think summertime is the best time to schedule your session. Though the golden aspens here are absolutely breathtaking in the Fall, sometimes it just makes more sense to do it in the summer.

I’m going to give you my top 10 reasons why I would STRONGLY encourage you to go ahead and book your session before school starts back in August.

10. Everything is freshly GREEN and beautiful! The blooms are out, and there is such a variety in the natural elements: fresh green aspens, colorful wildflowers, grassy fields.


9. Something you may not think about is the fact you will need some professional photos throughout your Senior Year. Regardless of your goals for the next year, chances are you will need an updated photo. Why not make it a beautiful one, rather than a selfie?


8. It’s WARM!! We wait all year for the snow to melt and the sun to heat up the valley. You won’t have to worry about the chilly wind invading your session.

7.  Because of #8, you will most likely have a beautiful tan throughout the summer. This will give you a nice color for your photos.

6. INCENTIVES!! I have decided to extend my bonus print package to anyone that books before the start of school. This means that in addition to your collection of choice, you will also receive a handful of EXTRA prints to walk home with.


5. Weather! Yes, we already discussed the benefits of it being warm, but in addition to that the likelihood of bad weather dramatically drops. Even if a storm decides to roll in we have PLENTY of time to work with.

4. CREATIVE TIME. Since there is an abundance of time in the summer, we will have more time to talk through your vision and create together. We won’t be limited in time and this will result in a more planned out and intentional session.

Beckum-46_WEB3. Beat the crowd! You wouldn’t believe how many calls I get in September for Senior Sessions. Chances are, unless you schedule your Fall Session early, you will be fighting for time slots with other students.

2. Once school starts so do all of the sports and activities. Many of your practices go until 5 or 6 at night, leaving little to no time to prepare for a session. I typically send my girls to the salon at 3:30 to have their hair and make-up done, after August this is next to impossible for some of you multi-athlete students.


keep scrolling for #1….promise it’s here 😉


and….the #1 Reason to book your Senior Session in the Summer……….

1. BRAGGING RIGHTS! Your Senior Portraits are the highlight of your posting this year. People love to flip through everyone else’s photos. Why not be one of the first? Your friends will gush all over yours, and you will more than likely set the tone for the rest of your class. Be the leader this year!

With that being said….let’s grab coffee and talk about your session. If after all this you still really, really want those fall photos…lets book them before anyone else. Can’t wait to start creating with you!!

Senior Models 2016 Styled Shoot

I cannot be more excited with the outcome of this year’s Senior Model Shoot. I am over the moon with the growth, excitement and movement behind this vision of mine. Senior Portraits are one of my favorite forms of photography. I love the ability to capture the season of life these students are in, they are pretty much at their peak in life (or so they feel!). In most cases, their Senior Portrait will likely be their last professional photo of them by themselves. Next will come their engagement photos, then wedding, and then it’s all about the kiddos. But, not to rush into all of that. Let’s stop and capture these students right where they’re at. Before their life matures and moves on into complete adulthood. With that said, my desire is to make this photo something that they are truly proud of. That they will want to showcase in their parent’s home for years to come.

This styled shoot that we created is simply a way to jumpstart current Juniors…soon-to-be Seniors to start thinking about their Senior Portraits. I want to sit and create with them. I want to put together a shoot that will truly reflect who they are and what they’re about. With the help of an incredible team of vendors we were able to pull off this shoot. A few weeks prior to the shoot we had each girl walk into Kiwi Boutique to meet with Whitney Hathorne, owner and stylist. Together they sat down and discussed the girl’s style and put together outfits for this shoot. Whitney knocked it out of the park with the wardrobe. Honestly, I would love to have each of these pieces in my closet! On the day of the session, the girls sat in front of the team of W Salon to have their hair and make-up done. Again, always beautiful work…..I never have a doubt that they will do an excellent job. AND to top it all off, Vintage Magnolia of Edwards, CO provided some incredible florals to use for the shoot. I love the unique pieces that they incorporated, and how it gives these photos a fresh and current feel.

Again, I can’t say enough how much fun I had with these girls. This is one of my favorite days of the year….seriously. So much so that we have put together a Collection for Seniors that will give them this exact same experience. No joke. Class of 2016….why not make a memorable experience with your Senior Portraits? Let’s sit and create together. You will then be outfitted with clothing, florals, hair styling and make-up……what more could a gal ask for?!! Contact me for more information on this year’s collections and to schedule your Senior Experience.

Let’s start talking now about your session ideas. Summertime is the BEST time to have your photos taken. I will touch base more about the benefits of shooting early in my next post.

Until then, enjoy these beauties. And let’s chat!


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